How much does it cost to rent a pressure washer

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Pressure Washer

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The power of a robust pressure washer can quickly transform your grimy deck or moldy exterior siding into sparkling surfaces that practically look brand new. From prepping an outdoor grill for the BBQ season to restoring the original sheen of your driveway, a pressure washer is indeed a handy tool.

However, purchasing a pressure washer may not always be the best solution, particularly if you don’t intend to use it frequently. That’s where renting one comes into play, offering a cost-effective and practical strategy.

Average rental cost of a pressure washer ranges from $25 to $50 per day for household use and $100 to $144 per day for heavy-duty use.

In this guide, we aim to answer the frequently asked question: “How much does it cost to rent a pressure washer?” We have combed the internet to bring you a comprehensive rundown of rental costs, depending on the make, model, and duration.

What Factors Affect the Rental Cost of a Pressure Washer?

When you kickstart your journey to rent a pressure washer, you’ll stumble across a wide array of prices. Wondering why there’s such a difference? It’s simple — several factors can influence the final rental cost of a pressure washer.

Type and Size of The Pressure Washer:

Pressure washers come in different shapes and sizes, and their prices reflect that. Small, electric pressure washers, which are ideal for light cleaning tasks like car washes or cleaning garden furniture, tend to be cheaper.

On the other hand, heavy-duty, gas-powered washers that can handle tasks like cleaning concrete or large exterior areas, usually come with a steeper rental cost.

Rental Duration

It’s all about how long you need the machine. Most rental companies offer flexible renting periods, from a half-day to several weeks. It would help if you had a rough idea of how long your cleaning project will take to choose the appropriate rental duration.

Typically, the longer you rent, the higher the total cost, but the daily rental cost often gets cheaper the longer you keep it.


The area you live in can also impact the rental price. Rental companies in big cities or areas with a high cost of living might charge more than those in small towns or rural areas.

Special Features

Some pressure washers boast unique features, like the ability to use hot water. These machines often come with a premium rental cost due to their added functionality.

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Average Rental Costs for Pressure Washers

So, you’ve decided to rent a pressure washer, and you’re now asking, “How much does it cost to rent a pressure washer?” Let’s dive into the numbers.

In the USA, the average cost to rent a pressure washer for a day ranges from $40 to $150. However, remember that this is an average range. The cost can swing either way based on the type, size, and special features of the unit you choose to rent.

For a small, electric pressure washer, you could pay as low as $25 for half a day’s rental. This type is perfect for simple tasks around your home, like cleaning patio furniture or washing your car.

On the flip side, if you’re taking a larger job and need a high-end, commercial-grade power washer, you may end up spending up to $2,000 for several weeks of rental. This type is great for washing buildings, cleaning concrete, or removing tough stains and dirt.

One other variant to consider is the hot water pressure washer. These units, with their added functionality of heating water, tend to be pricier. You can expect an average daily rental cost of around $144 for one of these.

Type of Pressure WasherTypical UsesCost per Day
Small, ElectricCleaning patio furniture, washing cars~$50
Gas Pressure WasherHeavy-duty cleaning tasks$50-$100 (estimate)
High-End, Commercial-gradeWashing buildings, cleaning concrete, removing tough stains$1000 (estimate)
Hot Water Pressure WasherAny job, added functionality of heating water~$144
Approximate rental costs for common pressure washer types

Additional Costs to Consider When Renting a Pressure Washer

When considering the question, “How much does it cost to rent a pressure washer?” it’s crucial to not overlook potential additional costs. Yes, the rental fee is significant, but few other expenses can add up and affect your total outlay. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Damage Fees

Accidents happen. If you accidentally break a part of the pressure washer while using it, you might find yourself liable for repair or replacement costs. Be sure to discuss these potential charges with the rental company.

Some companies offer insurance at an additional fee to cover such incidents, which might bring peace of mind.

Late Return Fees

Life can be unpredictable. If something unexpected happens and you can’t return the rented pressure washer on time, you might have to pay a late fee.

Always clarify with the rental company about these potential late fees and try to return the washer as agreed to avoid extra charges.

Cleaning Supplies

Pressure washing is more than just water under high pressure. Depending on the job, you might need to purchase or rent additional cleaning supplies or detergent designed to work with the pressure washer.

These costs aren’t usually significant, but they can add up, so include them in your budget.


If you’re renting a gas-powered pressure washer, you’ll need to remember the cost of fuel. The washer will probably come with a full tank, but if your job extends over several days, you’ll need to refill it, adding to your total cost.

As you can see, factors beyond the initial rental rate play into the total cost of rent a pressure washer. By keeping these items in mind, you can budget accordingly and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Evaluating the Costs: Renting vs. Buying a Pressure Washer

Sometimes purchasing a pressure washer could end up being more cost-effective than repeatedly renting one. But how do you decide which route is best for you? Let’s break down some key considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Frequency of Use

This is the most significant factor in determining whether to rent or buy. If you see yourself needing a pressure washer regularly—say for the monthly upkeep of a large property—it might be more cost-efficient to invest in one.

Budget Upfront

High-grade pressure washers aren’t cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 for basic, electric models to upwards of $1000 for commercial-grade, gas-powered units.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to invest this sizable chunk all at once, renting makes more sense.

Storage Space

Consider how much storage space you have. Pressure washers, especially the more potent gas-powered models, can be bulky.

If you live in an apartment or don’t have room in your garage, renting could be the better option.


Owning a pressure washer also means you will need to maintain it well to ensure a longer lifespan. If you are not comfortable with periodic maintenance tasks, you might find more value in renting.

Usage Diversity

Consider the range of tasks you’ll be using the washer for. If you plan on tackling a variety of tasks, each requiring a different kind of pressure washer, renting diverse types as needed could work out better.

Though renting can be a cost-effective route for once-off tasks, investing in your own pressure washer may prove more economical in the long term, given certain conditions.

Whichever route you take, remember that the goal is to efficiently carry out your cleaning tasks without breaking the bank. Plan your project ahead, consider all costs involved, and make an informed decision.

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6 Tips to Get the Max Output From Your Rental Pressure Washer

Renting a pressure washer for your cleaning project is an excellent way to save money, but there are several things you can do to make the most of your rental experience. Follow these six tips to ensure success:

Plan Your Project

Estimate the time it will take to complete your cleaning job so you can rent the pressure washer for the right duration. Identify the surfaces you’ll be cleaning and choose the appropriate pressure washer accordingly.

Reserve Early

Renting early ensures you get the equipment you need while avoiding any last-minute availability issues or additional rush fees. It’s especially important to reserve early during peak seasons when demand is high.

Ask for a Demo

When renting a pressure washer, especially if it’s your first time, ask the rental agency for a demo. Most will be happy to give you a quick tutorial, ensuring you know how to safely and properly operate the equipment.

Make a Checklist

Prepare a checklist of the areas to clean during your rental period. This way, you can keep track of your progress and ensure you get everything done before the rental is due back.

Start with Light Tasks

Begin your cleaning project with lighter tasks like washing garden furniture or a car. This helps you get familiar with the pressure washer controls and spraying technique before moving on to more challenging surfaces like concrete or large exterior areas.

Clean and Check the Pressure Washer

Before returning the pressure washer, clean it thoroughly, and check for any damage. Cleaning the equipment can help you avoid cleaning fees while reporting any issues promptly can save you from misunderstandings about responsibility and potential damage fees.


So, there you have it. We’ve explored in detail, “How much does it cost to rent a pressure washer?” along with the additional costs, factors influencing the rent vs buy decision, and tips to maximize your rental experience.

As we’ve seen, renting a pressure washer doesn’t have a set cost. It depends heavily on your location, the duration of your rental, the power you need, and not forgetting the additional costs that may appear along the way.

Further, recognizing whether renting or buying a pressure washer suits your needs requires careful consideration of the frequency of use, upfront budget, storage space, maintenance, and variety of usage. Your choices should reflect your needs, providing the optimal solution for your project.

Remember, whether you opt to rent or buy, a pressure washer is a fantastic investment in the cleanliness and longevity of your property. Plan your projects, estimate your costs, and make informed decisions for your conditions.

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